Magenesium Oxide Board

Standard size:1200*2400mm/1220*2440mm
Max. Width:1220mm
Max. Length:3050mm
Different dimension can be made as required.
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Magnesium Oxide Board (usually called MGO Board), is a revolutionary product, mineral based non-toxic and environmental friendly sheathing material with unparalleled properties for use in the construction industry. 
MGO board can boast superior fire, thermal and acoustic properties, as well as being stronger and lighter than alternative sheathing material. High compressive strength and impact resistance allows 

it to be used as structural element and its resistance to water and moisture makes it highly versatile 

and applicable for use in almost any construction or renovation project.



Excellent Fire-proof and Moisture-proof performance

Good Heat Sound Insulation

High Strength and Good Stability

Durability and Long Service Life


Technical Parameters: