How to Identify the Quality of Gypsum Board?




Paper gypsum board is commonly used in home decoration, usually used in suspended ceilings or partitions. It is a board composed of building gypsum as the main raw material, mixed with an appropriate amount of fiber and additives to make a board core, and firmly bonded with specialized protective paper. Paper gypsum board has the characteristics of fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, lightweight, high-strength, low shrinkage, and good stability, non aging, and insect resistance. It can be constructed using methods such as nails, saws, planing, and gluing. As consumers, we need to learn to distinguish the quality of gypsum boards when choosing, and there are generally the following tips:


1、 Visual inspection
During appearance inspection, the front of the board should be visually inspected under bright lighting at a distance of O.5m. The surface should be flat and smooth, and there should be no air holes, stains, cracks, missing corners, uneven colors, or incomplete cutting surfaces. The upper and lower layers of kraft paper on the gypsum board should be compacted to prevent cracking and prevent cracking during screw tightening; Looking at the side again. Check if the gypsum texture is dense and if there is any hollowing phenomenon. The denser the gypsum board, the more durable it is.


2、 Tap with hand
Check the elasticity of the gypsum board. Tapping with hands and making a solid sound indicates that the gypsum board is sturdy and durable. If a hollow sound is made, it indicates that there is hollowing and poor texture inside the board. Weighing the weight by hand can also measure the quality of gypsum boards.


3、 Permissible dimensional deviation, flatness, and right angle deviation
The allowable deviation in size, flatness, and right angle deviation should meet the qualified standards. If the deviation of the decorative gypsum board is too large, it will cause uneven joints on the decorative surface, and the entire surface will be uneven, which will have a significant impact on the decorative effect.















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