What Are The Types Of Fiber Cement Boards? What Are The Features ?


PANDA Fiber Cement Board is waterproof and fireproof.

It can be used for exterior wall cladding and interior partition or suspension.

Three types of edge: Square, Beveled and Taper.


Features of PANDA Fiber Cement Board

Fiber Cement Board is a new type building material with high density, high strength and low water absorption. 

It has features as fire retardant, water and moisture resistance, heat insulation, anti-corrosion, pest control, soundproof appearance and easy decoration.Moreover, it can be pasted granite, tiles, wallpaper, and etc.

Widely used at schools, museums, hospitals, airport terminals, bus stations, shopping malls, cinemas and other partition and suspension system.

And it is also suitable for Chinese, American, European and other upscale villas and residential building wall facade.


Created on:2023年10月27日 17:17