What Are The Features Of Acoustic Mineral Fiber Ceiling? What Series Are There?

Sound absorption boards are widely used in indoor ceiling environments of various buildings due to their excellent sound absorption, fire prevention, moisture-proof, and environmental protection functions in ceiling materials. Especially in the suspended ceiling of industrial buildings, sound-absorbing panels are widely used.



Free of regular pores (Fine Fissured), Micropores(Random Holes), Sand Blasted,and Perforation.


Features of PANDA Mineral Fiber Ceiling

The high-quality mineral wool and composite fiber as the main raw materials and adding other additives, comes out under high pressure steaming and cutting.

It has good fire and sound absorption performance, and has superior performances such as non-combustibility, heat insulation, sag resistant, mold-proof, environmental protection. 

Extensively used for indoor ceilings in office, airport, restaurant, petrol pump and hotel.

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