Grey Fiber Cement Siding

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Size: 1220*2440-3660mm;210*2440-3660mm; 


Thickness: 7.5-20mm

Other specification can be consulted.


The Cement Siding is 100% asbestos-free.It is high-class fireproof and waterproof decorative board autoclaved at high temperature and processed by advanced spray coating technics. It has characteristics of lightweight,high strength,fire-proof,water-proof,

dam-proof,moth-proof and shows good performances in lighting protection.heat insulation,sound absorption,deformation resistance and not easy to break.



Beautiful appearance

Good durability

Excellent fire-proof and damp-proof performance

Auti-cold and high temperature resistance

Low expansion rate,low contractibility, no shape changing

Being easy to be processed and fixed

Environmental protection type

Surface can be coated and brushed


Technical Parameters: