Brick PVC Foam with Sticker Installation Guide



(Tools need: Ruler/Mag/Scissors/Utility knife)

1).Clean the wall with a dry towel (no chemical as this will affect the adhesion).

2).With a plumb bob mark the wall from ceiling to floor.

3). Measure, mark with a pencil (on the back) and Cut all sheets before starting.

4).Ensure the cuts are perfectly straight on each sheet, cut each sheet a bit longer than needed.

5).Layout and plan each sheet to ensure the pattern repeats before starting to stick.

6).Peel off about 12 Inches of the backing paper at the top and start sticking.

7). Work your way down the sheet continuing to peel and stick, ensuring a perfect line up”.

8).Press down hard all over the sheet of wall panel with a smooth plastic tool or your hand to work any air bubbles to the edges.