Startled! Chun Lei rings, Everything Grows.


With the first spring thunder of the new year, the surprise of twenty-four solar terms has come to us. Surprise is the third of the twenty-four solar terms and the beginning of the Zhongchun season. Tao Qian had a poem saying: "Zhongchun is raining when the rain begins, and the thunder begins eastward." Along with the bursts of spring thunder, it experienced the ignorance of the early spring. In the spring season, the spring meaning gradually grew stronger.

Jingyu was originally called "Qiyu" in the ancient times. Later, in the Han Dynasty, it was changed to Jingyu in order to avoid the taboo of Emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty. There was a brief recovery in the Tang Dynasty, and the name of Jingyu has been used ever since. Already. The thrilling solar terms generally begin around March 6 of the solar calendar each year, when the sun reaches the 345 degrees of the longitude of the yellow. "Yueling · Seventy-two Collections" explained: "Everything is shocked, it is a thunder, so it is shocked, and it is the maggot that stuns and runs away." As soon as the spring thunder sounded, all the insects sleeping in the soil were Woke up, so this solar term is called surprise. Of course, today we know that this statement is just a description of natural phenomena by the ancients. Bugs naturally cannot hear thunder. The reason why they wake up is the result of temperature changes.