Beginning of Spring


The beginning of spring, one of the twenty-four solar terms, is also known as the Spring Festival, the first month, the Lunar New Year, the Lunar New Year and so on.  Li stands for "beginning"; spring stands for warmth and growth.  In ancient times, the "dipper handle pointing" method is the beginning of spring when the dipper star handles Yin position.  The current "fixing gas method" divides the solar terms, and it is the beginning of spring when the sun reaches 315 °.  The era of Qianzhi, with the beginning of the spring, means that a new cycle has begun, which is the beginning of everything and the righteousness of all renewal.  Before Qin and Han dynasties, the etiquette and customs did not focus on the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar, but the beginning of the spring day.  Major worship services to the ancestors, worship of the blessing of the year, exorcism, relief of evil spirits, removal of old cloth, new spring and farming celebrations are all held on the first day of spring and a few days before and after it. This series of festivals not only form the framework of the first festivals in later years, but also  Its folklore functions have also survived to this day.