How to Install Aluminum Ceiling?


1.Clip-In Tile system has a beveled edge to form visually closed joints.The 4.2 mm bevel will emphasise the crispness of the tile ceiling design with fine jointlines.Clip-In Tiles are available in a wide variety of pre-defined rectangular module sizes that are commonly used in ceiling design.

2. Lay-In and Lay-On Tiles provide easy access by lifting and tilting the ceiling tiles.They are ideal for situations where regular maintenance or service is required to ducts,pipes,airco-systems,or computer-or telephone networks.Before selecting this system,care should be taken to ensure that there is enough space in the plenum to lift the tiles upward.Because the  Lay-In and Lay-On system offers easy access and adaptability,lighting and services can be conveniently repositioned.This is particularly useful for supermarkets,Laboratories,computer suites and offices.

3Strip Ceilings enables the architect to design a closed ceiling with high performance aluminum or steel materials.In order to five maximum freedom in design there is a wide choice in panels with soft edges for a monolithic ceiling appearance or panels with square edges which results in a smooth ceiling with a narrow butt joint.