Wall stone decoration to make people full of fun


     Decorative form of a single stone decoration and a variety of stone parquet decoration, a single stone decorative ground often through the same species in accordance with the design of different forms of laying, and the unique texture of stone combined to form a strong decorative effect. A variety of stone parquet is decorated with different specifications, varieties of stone paved the ground, and more used in the construction of certain specific places, the formation of special effects for the indoor to add a lively atmosphere, full of fun, you can get unexpected space The

  (1) single stone decoration

     A variety of stone in the interior of the laying of the color and texture of the decoration "91. In the public space, usually require the color to be soft, crisp, magnificent and simple and natural style, especially the hotel, interior materials, The use of warm granite or marble, that is, the use of darker granite, such as red Indian red, South African red, etc .; or yellow marble, such as beige series or Anna beige, etc. In the office is simple and neat, private buildings Indoor needs is a small area of a reasonable laying, so the application of stone according to the size of the space at random to divide the plane, so that the whole plane more personalized.

In the public buildings, although the laying of different colors and materials of the ground stone gives a different visual experience and mood, but the surface of the large area of stone segmentation, usually using the square size, so that the whole plane can be generous and stable.


   (2) a variety of stone parquet decoration

     Stone floor parquet is one of the most widely used important decorative techniques, we should be based on different places, different areas and different space environment and design. In addition, the indoor stone stone parquet decoration design also consider the variety and specifications of stone. In general, taking into account the convenience of construction and cost constraints, stone parquet decorative design can use the existing stone to form some concise, orderly simple pattern. Sometimes in order to set off the surrounding environment, highlighting the parquet pattern of elegant art style and national characteristics, you can take a variety of curves and polylines constitute a more complex graphics.

 Ground parquet can make the natural texture and color of stone to show the perfect, material and color of the clever with more vivid expression of stone noble, elegant style.