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Comfortable feet, good elasticity, light and easy to handle; completely replace traditional solid wood, solid wood composite and laminate flooring, is an ideal substitute for housing renovation.

An innovative polymer based on environmentally friendly PVC flooring and waterproof and environmentally friendly wood-plastic panels. 

This is a non-stone, non-wood, non-rug, extraordinary wood-plastic eco-floor.

(1) Environmental protection without formaldehyde;

(2) Fire and fire protection grade B1, second only to stone;

(3) Various treatments on the surface (embossing, hand-grain, pattern, mirror);

(4) wear resistance, wear resistance grade T;

(5) It can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, etc. when it is protected from moisture and water.

(6) The color is beautiful and diverse, the mosaic construction is seamlessly docked, and the installation is convenient and quick;

(7) Non-slip, more sturdy when in contact with water, not easy to fall

(8) Silencer, walking foot feels comfortable and flexible, it is not easy to fall when falling;

(9) Daily maintenance does not require waxing, and can be wiped with a towel or a wet mop.

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