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Vinyl Flooring look and fell like real wood or stone. Unique design makes for a gentle and comfortable foot feel and quiet and elegant footsteps.

SPC flooring is made of calcium powder as the main raw material, plasticized extruded sheet, four-roll calendering heat-coated color film decorative layer and wear-resistant layer, does not contain heavy metal formaldehyde with harmful substances, is 100% formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly floor, is true 0 formaldehyde floor.

With a thickness of only 3.5 to 5.5 mm, the ultra-thin design is a professional in-line bold innovation, surface printing material, substrate and 100% high-purity wear-resistant transparent layer integrated to improve the service life of large traffic, the surface mimics real wood texture and natural marble texture. In view of the characteristics of the raw materials, the heat conduction is fast and the heat storage lasts for a long time, which is the preferred floor for the floor heating.

1. Moist-proof, waterproof, non-slip (for wet environments)

2. Strong wear resistance

3. High elasticity and super shock resistance

4. Sound absorption, strong flame retardancy

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