Marble Grain PVC Marble Sheet

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Products are mainly used for all kinds of high-quality fire-proof material light partition wall of building.Such as:bus terminal, railway station, airport, office buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, scientific research institutes, schools, hospitals, cinemas, gymnasium and other internal partition wall and ceiling decoration, also can be used for different types of decorative board. In addition to the widely used in all kinds of partition wall and ceiling of the building.can be also used for:building sandwich,activity partition,sound absorption structure,sound insulation, heat insulation structure,sign and fire separation zone,fence,refractory between duct,fire door, zhan mouth manger, shops, partition, baseboard, locker,billboards,etc. Products are waterproof, moisture proof property determines it is applicable to the bathroom,kitchen,bathroom ideal partition plate in high humidity.



High Smoothness,

Scratch Resistant,

Green and Environmental Protection

Acid And Alkali Resistant



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