Diatomite Cup Coaster

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Size: 100*100/90*90/Φ100/Φ90

Color: White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Light Yellow,

Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue,Purple


Edge:Square, Round, Oval


The diatomite cup mat is made of ancient phyto plankton (diatoms), the natural diatomite cup mat is the world's first environmentally friendly water-absorbing coasters.Product features: quick and strong water absorption. Avoid the problems such as easy water, easy to mould, easy to breed bacteria, easy to be touched dust, hard to clean etc. Diatomite is a type of siliceous rock. Japan Northern Institute of Technology research results show that : The painting material and building material made by diatomite mat, it will not only exudes toxic substances which harmful to the human ,but also to improve the living environment.



strong water absorption

anti-skid performance

stylish and beautiful

strong life expectancy

Technical Parameters: