Diatomite Bath Mat

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Size: 390*600/350*450/300*300/300*400/500*800/600*800mm

Color: White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Light Yellow,

Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue,Purple


Edge:Square, Round, Oval


Diatomite Bath Mat are made of ancient phyto plankton (diatoms) as raw materials ,which has functions as super absorbent, antibacterial deodorant, non-slip and so on.You won't have to worry about getting your floor wet after you come out of the bathroom .

Perfect bathroom partner--It also has amazing water absorbing power and Non-slip function . The water on your feet can quickly suck away .

Antibacterial & Deodorant to keep your family's health --The long-term use of traditional mats can lead to the breeding of bacteria, which will be a great threat to your families’ health.



strong water absorption

anti-skid performance

stylish and beautiful

strong life expectancy


Technical Parameters: