Aluminum Ceiling Home Decor

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Aluminum ceiling home Decor, a variety of styles for choose. in the design structure, color performance, the use of functions and other aspects can be balance.While enjoying the designer director,perfectly express the designer’s concept at the same time. To help complete the novel ,chic, and fashion taste architecture layout, fully reflect the integrity of modern architecture. Aluminum ceiling features and advantages: elegant, lively, generous, dignified; compact structure, easy assembly and disassembly; fireproof, moisture-proof; seamless mosaic, easy to clean, durable.



The plane square panel and the perforated panel are available.

The sound insulation coefficient reaches 0.5~0.82 as.

Easy to handle and install.

Moisture resistant and rust proof.

Different sizes and designs for choice.

Bronzing Series:

Dumb White Screen Print Series(Regular Embossed)

Dumb White Screen Print Series (Deep Drawing):

3D Stereo Series:

Roller Transfer Printing Series:

450X450 Dumb White Screen Print Series:

300X450 Series:

Square Plate Series:

Roller Screen Printing Square Plate Series:


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